Types of cloth diapers

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Types of cloth diapers

I'm going to take you through the different types of diapers. First, you have diapers that need a cover. Then we have pocket diapers. The newest kid on the market is the all-in-one. The first diaper would probably be more recognizable to generations before us; that's the pre-fold. With this, you are going to use a little bit of baby origami. You are going to fold it onto your baby and use something like this, the snappy. That is going to fix onto it and you will need a cover with this. The one step up from the pre-fold is the contour diaper. This is easier because it's cut into the shape of a diaper. Again, you are just going to lay this on your baby and put a cover over it. Even easier, and pretty cute, is the fitted. The fitted -- this one is made of velor -- This one will go on your baby just like a disposable diaper. This whole thing is going to get wet, so you do need a diaper cover on it. Let's look at the diaper covers. Here's an example of an organic cotton. People prefer different types of diaper covers. Some like the nylon and some like the wool, which takes a little bit more care, but it all depends on what your preferences are. Some of them will have gussets to hold spillage. This is going to go over the diapers. Here is another one, which is a polyurethane laminate exposed on the inside. In between diaper changes, you can rinse this out. It's easy, quick drying. The next step up is the pocket diaper. The pocket diaper is very popular because you can change the absorbency. You can stuff a pocket diaper as much as you like. So over night you might have two or more inserts. This one is made from microfiber, you size it as necessary and stuff it into the diaper. It's like a disposable. You just pop it on your baby, like so. The last and newest kid on the market is the all-in-one. This is an example of an all-in-one with the three layers of absorbency. It is more daycare friendly or babysitting friendly. It's simple.

Learn about: Types of cloth diapers from Lisa Hubbard,...


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